It’s Not Your Time Winter


This week, I was back at my favourite wall and casually not looking at the camera while I was having my photo taken for this post.

After a beautiful sunny and warm September, winter has finally started making an appearance and this means jumper season. I’m a summer baby through and through and will cling onto the dregs of the season until the very end! In this outfit, I’ve tried to make a statement which says ‘I know your there Winter, but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to start wearing black tights, boots and dark jumpers just yet!!

I was lucky enough to pick up this beaut of a jumper at my work sample sale *sorry not sorry* and I’ve never had so many compliments as when I wear it! The colour is stunning (great for summer/winter transitional dressing) and has the perfect relaxed fit with the dropped shoulder and over-sized shaping. Again, determined not to leave my summer wardrobe behind just get, I threw on my H&M cropped flair jeans- a huge trend throughout summer- and ditched my usual choice of trainers with everything and donned a pair of badass heels. The heels were an awesome gift from my bestie and an incredible find in her local TK Maxx, how she finds these things in the jumble sale store I’ll never know!!

I loved this look and felt super chic and confident in it all day- definitely one I’ll be adding to my own internal lookbook!



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