Am I Old Now?

wedding 1

wedding 2

DRESS: H&M  SHOES: Topshop  BAG: market buy

wedding 4wedding 3

As we speak, I’m sat watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, feeling tired, hungover and the size of the house after consuming way too much cheese… which must mean I’ve had a pretty awesome weekend!

Yesterday myself and my Mr, Dan, attended the wedding of our friends. A couple I am extremely lucky to have met through my boyfriend (one half of the best man duo) and honestly two of the nicest, kindest people I know. The weather couldn’t have been better (although slightly too hot at times, I was in serious underboob sweat territory for a while) the venue was beautiful, the food friggin’ incredible and the company seriously seriously awesome- it was the perfect day.

As I get older, weddings seem to be happening with more frequency. I am starting to ask myself if I am now officially old and by that I mean one of those people I would look up to at 13 and think “wow, they’re so grown up!”. When I think about it, I guess I am… but honestly, I’m faking it. I do not have a clue how to ‘adult’ or what this even means-I call me sister asking for life advise why more than I care to admit! If anyone has nailed it with full understanding by their mid twenties, then kudos because I am making it up as I go along! I would like to think everyone is making it up too, including the people that just totally seem to have it all together.

But anyway, I also wanted to share with you some pictures of the beautiful dress I wore yesterday and I threw one in of me and Dan too. I was super excited to wear this outfit, a nifty little find from H&M. Perhaps not quite so nifty because it came from their premium range and cost £80, but I honestly felt like a million pounds in it and who can put a price on that?? I am a casual girl through and through and often find it way too stressful when I need to get dolled up and jeans aren’t an acceptable item of clothing. The dress did all the hard work for me, which meant I was able to pair it with some simple low heel shoes from Topshop and kept to my safe and reliable hair and makeup routine.

That’s the last of the weddings this summer now, giving me both the time to stop panicking about getting old and a break from wedding guest outfit stress! Both of which I intend to conquer eventually.



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