COS Copy



SHIRT: Zara  Jeans: ZARA  Shoes: NEXT

I love the brand COS. It nails the modern, oversized key pieces with a twist and has a pretty statement look. However, unfortunately my bank account does not love COS. I would completely agree that the clothes are quality and worth the price tag, but I do have to stop and consider when wanting to buy a t-shirt for £40…

However, in this outfit I think I’ve found the perfect COS copy and at a fraction of a price! Both top and jeans are from Zara (good old Zara- terrible staff but great clothes) and shoes from, would you believe, Next!

This shirt was one of my recent sale purchases and has some features I would normally associate with COS. A cute smock shape with fixed collar, ruffle sleeves, dropped shoulders and crisp blue cotton- totally COS right?? Paired with my Zara jeans from last season and my new platform sandals lace up from Next, I think I’ve pulled together a fairly passable COS copy.


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