Shot From The Street Appreciation Society



Sunglasses: RayBan  Jacket: ASOS  Shirt: Hobbs  Jeans: Forevery 21 (ribs by me!)  Shoes: Birkenstock

Lately I been feeling like time is flying and at the end of each week I’m terrified how quickly the days are running away from me. There’s been a combination of reasons resulting in my blog posts happening not as often as I would like! I’m hoping this is going to change very soon and I will be back to 1 a week-however I have been making time for my insta page and checking out other bloggers as often as possible.

I started blogging because I love wading through others so much and I wanted to join in the fun! I still get excited when I find new bloggers online that I connect with, who are either just starting like me or well established in the industry- SUCH as my new absolute girl crush and current favourite blogger Lizzie Hadfield. Lizzie’s blog Shot From The Street is my go-to at the moment and my outfit here is totally inspired by her.

The style and blog is everything I am aiming for mine to be- she comes across totally cool in both personality and style. The basis behind starting my blog Basically Little Bee was to show my basic key items that I wear daily and how I mould them to fit my daily life and current fashion trends. I totally love fashion, but I do think it’s wrong to spend so much money on fad trends which will eventually be outdated. I totally believe in following trends but using your key wardrobe pieces and elevating them with fashion-forward items. This is what I think Lizzie does and boy does she nail it! If you haven’t come across her yet (which you might have because she has a HUGE following) you totally totally should!




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