Pyjama days with Zara


Well, I don’t think it is any lie that I have been well a truly shit at updating my blog recently. Life has got in the way and somehow I have not managed to find the time to sit and compose a post. There’s been birthdays (not mine sadly), events, day trips to the seaside, Game of Thrones…. plus weekends away and a driving test, all distracting me from sitting with my laptop and blogging. (P.s. I totes passed!! beepbeep).

But, here I am, back at it and sharing long overdue pictures from a little shoot I did with my girl Vicky. While we are all currently experiencing a May heat wave, we shot this a few weeks ago when it was still in that in-between stage of not-quite-summer-but-so-over-winter. So with that in mind, I took my new Zara Palazzo trousers which you can find here and for only £19.99 and matched it with a high neck knit, something I saw Alice Barbier do recently on her ASOS page and loved (slash stole).

These trousers are fab and basically feel like you’re wearing pyjamas without anyone judging you! I mean, that’s the dream, right?!  For twenty quid, they are an absolute deal and will take me right through summer. Here I’m wearing them with a jumper and stans, but I can’t wait to throw them on with a cropped T and some sandals. To add a bit of interest I moved away from my usual gold hoops and put on my Pat Butcher style statement earrings- they way a ton and I couldn’t cope with wearing them all the time but they do make a special appearance every so often when the mood takes me! Add a simple clutch and pink lip and I was ready for the day!

Hopefully you won’t be waiting too long till my next blog. I’ve got some exciting collaborations coming up which I can’t wait to share!!

Until next time,



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