Palladium are making a come back!

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But did they ever really leave…? Not really!

Like most people my age, I had a pair of Palladium Boots when I was a child. They were big in the early 90’s with all the ‘cool kids’ wearing them- my friend said she even had a heeled pair! Dope or what?

They’ve been quiet over the past few years, however recently we’ve seen the likes of Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Beckham, Kylie Jenner, Eliza Dolittle and FKA Twigs recently stepping out in a pair of Palladium boots- all of them knowing a thing or two about style.

I was beyond excited when I received my Pampa Oxford LP Originals! Having such skinny ankles (as you can see in the photos!) I had to pick a shoe that wouldn’t look too heavy or clumpy on me, which is why I went for this style. Plus with soft pink kicks being top of the fashion trends this season, I combined the two to make my perfect shoe. It was a tough choice however, there is such a vast amount of styles available on the website it was a difficult choice! Since wearing them, I can also tell you they are incredibly comfortable…

It’s very rare I can wear a shoe around London for the day for the first time and not experience a blister or two. However these were a bloody dream! They are a hard wearing shoe with all styles designed for the urban traveller, meaning they don’t skimp on quality and durability. Essentially they are worth every penny.

They are a big thumbs up from me and a perfect addition to a casual Friday spring outfit- plus if SJP is wearing them, that’s good enough for me!!



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