They Call Her Anna


Did anyone else make the most of the weather this weekend?? I certainly did and headed straight to the park on Sunday to enjoy a bottle of fizz with my girl Vicky.

To celebrate the return of the sunshine and promises of ever warmer climates, we picked only the best- a bottle of Anna de Codorniu Brut. Codorniu is a brand I have always associated with luxury and great taste at a great price. It is up there with my favourite drinks of all time and I am partial to a glass or two on a night out *hic*.

After a little research, I have since learnt that the Codorniu family created their first bottle of sparkling wine in 1872 and invented what we know today as Cava… should someone give them a Knighthood?! After all these years, you would expect these people to know a thing or two about making a great bottle of sparkling wine, and boy do they. As a well established Cava drinker myself, I can appreciate the fresh/crisp favours with each sip, making it a perfect accompaniment to a fresh/crisp day in the March sun… or any time of year for that matter.

You can pick yourself up a bottle online here or equally find it in most off-licences. It’s an easy drink which tastes great and looks chic making it an ideal gift for friends/family or just yourself as a congratulations for getting though a Tuesday. Enjoy!





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