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I’ve gone through another dry spell of blogging… whoops! It’s been a busy couple of weeks (both work and play) leaving me little time to sit with my laptop and write- so to scratch that itch, I thought I’d share with you a OOTD and a quick story to go alongside.

It was a hectic day in work (which seems to be all the time lately *sigh*) and myself and my beautiful colleague Emily needed to pop out for some lunch. Our plan was to be no more than 15 minutes so we could rush back to work and on the way back Emily took a quick few snaps for me to put on my insta feed. We find a blank wall to take a couple of photos… and next thing I know, I have the CEO of my company running towards me asking if she can ‘photobomb’ the shoot! Hands down possibly the coolest CEO out there and I got a photo to prove it #myceoisbetterthanyours.

It absolutely made my day and I hope that little story made yours.



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