Reasons To Airbnb

image3 (9)

image4 (8)

Super cute message from our Airbnb hosts, including guide and map.

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image5 (6)

Retro ornaments on point.

This week, I made my first ever trip to Bath and boy did it not disappoint! It was as quaint and picturesque as I had hoped, with ample of great places to eat and drink the time away. A highlight of the trip would have to be watching the sunset over the city while relaxing in the open-air rooftop pool of the Bath Thermae Spa. Although a tad chilly, the view was something else and a very special moment to share with my other half.

There are many factors that can make or break a trip, whether it be short or long, city or beach. Location and weather are the biggies (both of which were perfect if not cold!) but accommodation is just as important.  Regardless of how much time you plan to spend there, you want the place you rest your head to be a good one.

For our trip to Bath, we opted to use Airbnb, something I’ve used before with friends but never actually booked myself. Ultimately the apartment we stayed in made the trip for me and has confirmed something I already knew… Airbnb is awesome! Here are my top reasons to use Airbnb and why our experience was so good:

  1. First of all, using the site was so super easy and finding exactly what you want a breeze! I knew we wanted a flat not a room and something walking distance to the city centre, both within a reasonable price. Filtering our needs into the site was perhaps easier than most travel pages and it wasn’t long before we found the perfect place.
  2. It’s cheap! Before booking, I did my homework and looked into my options. As there were 2 of us, paying a one off price for a place to stay worked out far better than a hotel fee per person.
  3. You get to be nosey… win! I’m the type of person that loves walking past homes with their living room curtains wide open so you get to have a good old look inside- I will even slow my Londerners pace to a painfully slow stroll to get more goggle time. In an Airbnb you can take this to the next level and without judgement! You can happily enjoy someone else’s style and taste in home décor whilst enjoying a cup tea.
  4. The hosts are essentially there to make money and are therefore extremely helpful and accommodating. Plus, perhaps less like a hotel, there is a personal connection there so they really do care if you like their home! Our hosts Daniel and Anna were incredible. Daniel met us at the apartment and was instantly warm, friendly and helpful. They had provided a very useful user guide for all the amenities and a map of the area with their own recommendations of places to eat and drink.
  5. The personal touch- now this isn’t to be said for ALL Airbnb locations, but it certainly was for ours. For our arrival, our hosts created a message on a scrabble board which read ‘enjoy your adventures visiting Bath Bethan & Dan’, cute or what?! And to top it off, they baked us some home-made bread… I die.
    image6 (6)

    It was a whole loaf, but we ate it before I could take a snap…

    image2 (8)

    Fresh flowers at the breakfast table, another special personal touch.

    image1 (9)

    image4 (7)

    Breakfast with a view.

    image8 (2)

  6. Time is your own and you get to do things completely at your leisure. My boyfriend and I LOVE  a lie-in, especially on holiday. Because you are essentially self-catering you are not restricted by breakfast times or curfews in the evening like you may experience in a hotel or B&B.
  7. As it is someone’s home, you have all provisions needed available to you (within reason). Again this may vary from place to place, but unlike hiring a cottage or static caravan you will have all the necessities needed such as cooking oil, tea bags, pots and pans, toilet paper, salt/pepper, bottle opener! Things that come in very handy when self-catering but not always supplied.
  8. It is a home from home. It is very easy to feel comfortable very quickly when staying in a place with a lived in, warm atmosphere. What ultimately makes the whole thing such an enjoyable experience is the ability to relax on a sofa with a cup of tea as and when you want.

image7 (5)image2 (9)image1 (11)image6 (5)

So there you go! I hope I gave you enough reasons to try Airbnb without you getting bored, but I would totally recommend it and will be doing it again for sure! If you like the look of where we stayed in the photos, you can find it here. Check it out!



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