Smart/Casual Mix Up

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After spending a fair amount of money over the Christmas period, I was adamant I would remain strong during the Boxing Day sales. No matter how much I really wanted to (and trust me, I wanted to) I refrained from shops and websites alike.

I’m not quite ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ level, however I do find it easier to not look at all rather than look and not buy. If I see something amazing and can’t buy it for fear of maxing my credit card, I have weeks of regret. (Seriously, I’m still thinking about half the things on my Ultimate Christmas Wish List). However, for these dungarees I failed and I feel no remorse!

I found these awesome dungarees on the Urban Outfitters website with 50% off. That’s right, 50% off!! I know I’m a bit slow on the uptake with dungarees but up until now I always felt a bit like Cotton Eye Joe in them. Not only were they reduced from £66 but I also had an extra online code making these beauties only £28…that’s right £28! Who could say no to that?

They are a great item for work and easily warrant the smart/casual look when paired with my ultimate Stan Smiths. Cropped at the leg, they are just my style and surprisingly fit me like a glove (I’m always dubious about buying online without trying on first). Even though I failed and bought in the sale, I’m glad I did. These wide leg, striped dungarees have vastly become one of my staple pieces and will take me all the way through winter paired with turtle necks or jumpers, into summer with cute tees and Birkenstock’s- oh hurry up summer!!



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