December Madness

My resolution of writing a blog a week went out the window this month. December crept up on me like a festive ninja and was filled with friends, family and plenty of fun!

For three weeks during the month, my live-in boyfriend was away training for his promotion in work, time in which I had anticipated lots of free time for me time and some blog TLC. However, somehow it flew by in a blur with lots of late nights and early starts, unfortunately leaving my page neglected!

Christmas is the most sociable time of the year with many a coffee catchup, cheeky cocktail and Christmas do being arranged! We all have those friends we rarely see but insist on meeting before the 25th, with any time planned after this deemed absurd. I am guilty of throwing around the phrase ‘I must see you before Christmas’ all in the name of wishing festive cheer in person. However humorous this seems, it is the reason I love the weeks running up to my favourite holiday. It is always filled with laughter, hilarious stories, shock announcements and warm reunions.

I’m very lucky to say I’ve had a month filled with my favourite people,doing some of my favourite things.

This month I have:

  • Spent a girly weekend in York with my sisters, relaxing in jacuzzis, drinking mulled wine whilst strolling around Christmas markets and shopping… Lots of shopping.
  • Enjoyed a night out or two in London Town with work mates, housemates and friends.
  • Spent days being tourists visiting even more markets and walking along the Thames.
  • Supported my friend performing in an ‘adult panto’ whilst slowly getting sloshed and eating free mince pies.
  • Organised a bake sale in work raising money for The MS Trust and doing a tad bit of baking myself.
  • Attended a Christmas dinner with my department where the food was terrible but the company was the best.
  • Enjoyed the much anticipated Hobbs Christmas party, drinking my body weight in prosecco.
  • Visited my beautiful friend and her 4 day old baby boy, holding him until my arms went numb.

With all of this and working my full time 9-5 right up to Christmas Eve (ah retail) it’s safe to say I have been jam packed and loved every second of it… Excluding the hangovers.

Don’t be deceived, I’m not normally this sociable! So rest assured, my blog will soon be receiving the love and attention it deserves.



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