Black Friday Fancy

Another Black Friday has been and gone and this year without all the stress, elbowing and crowds. After the scenes of last year, everyone learnt their lesson and opted for the trusty online shop- including me.

There were endless amounts of great offers tempting me into my credit card, including 20% off Whistles, 15% off Benefit and the one everyone was talking about…20% off ASOS!

On Thursday morning, the launch of the promo, I couldn’t stand the temptation any longer and spent some QTT with the best online fashion site known to man. And oh my, I found the ankle boots of my dreams!! The perfect heel height, perfect rise on the leg and both understated AND perfectly bad ass at the same time. They were a complete impulse buy but for £48 after discount and free delivery, who could say no? Not me, that’s for sure!!

Boots 2Boots

It’s safe to say, the minute they arrived and fit (yes!! Do the celebration dance in my new boots) I was planning tomorrows outfit in my head.

Me 3

Me 4

In fear of sounding like a broken record, I don’t DO colour. I live in monotone but always try to add a touch of interest whether it be a lip pop, statement bag or in this case a pair of sick boots!



When wearing a statement piece, I like to keep the rest simple. Clashing prints is fine, in fact it’s great, but I honestly believe in less is more. So with that in mind, I wore my beautiful silk blouse with laser cut detailing on the collars, black skinny scarf and my trusty girlfriend jeans from Topshop. The jeans are cropped just above the ankle, so looked great emphasising the boots!

Me face

I completed the look by adding my sexy Raybans and left the house feeling like I needed a soundtrack to strut down the street. Give Black Friday a round of applause!

Me walkingMe look left



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