My Ultimate Christmas Wish List


Well, it’s that time of year folks! The street lights are twinkling, mince pies are on the shelves, alcohol consumption has gone up and the ridiculous jumpers are out… it must be Christmas!

Thank God for Christmas, the one thing that makes winter bearable. Imagine month after month of dark early nights and freezing temperatures without the festivity to make it all seem worth it. With beautiful lights every where, Christmas markets, office parties, mulled cider and Christmas trees, I find it impossible to imagine how anyone could be a Scrooge at all! (Plus advent calendars giving you the excuse to eat chocolate every day… I mean, what’s not to love??)

Christmas also means shopping and presents and to get myself in the spirit I have created my ultimate Christmas wish list with items varying from ‘can’t quite afford it’ to ‘would have to eat beans on toast and live in a cardboard box for 6 months’ in price. So if you are a millionaire and happen to come across my blog, please feel free to buy me anyone of these items! (Secretly hoping this is going to happen…)

ASOS White bomber jacket

ASOS White, Faux Fur Bomber- £180

I have a serious big time crush on the ASOS White faux fur bomber jacker- my heart actually aches a bit when I look at it. I mean, just LOOK at it! It’s at the top of my wish list for a reason…

Melissa Necklace

Melissa Joy Manning 14karat gold diamond necklace- £375

Having quite a simple style, I love simple jewellery. Gold is always my colour of choice at the moment and this necklace would be my perfect everyday ‘go to’. I’ve become fed up of purchasing gold plated necklaces which become discoloured quicker than a woman texting when arguing with her boyfriend, so a quality item like this would be a dream.

Chloe faye bag

Chloe Faye Medium Leather Satchel- £1190

Ladies and Gentlemen, the bag that needs no introduction at the moment, Chloe’s Faye satchel. I’ve never overly been a designer bags person (mainly because I can’t afford one and I think fake it tacky) but this… well I have never wanted a bag more. I would love it, care for it and make it part of the family if I owned one. (Millionaire, this is your cue!!)

French connection boots

French Connection, Ronan Patent Ankle Boot- £120

Fashionable, cool and easy. What’s not to love about these booties from French Connection? Great for everyday wear with that hint of chic. *Insert emoji OK hand sign here*


Topshop, Dree Cropped Kick Flares £36

A girl can never have too many jeans and despite what my boyfriend says, they are NOT all the same. I love this pair from Topshop and they are the most affordable item on my list! Cropped AND flared you say? Perfect.


Whistles, Tres Bon Logo T-shirt £45

Ah Whistles, how I love thee! One of my favourite highstreet brands due to their effortlessly cool style. So simple but so right is this Tres Bon logo Tee that it has made it onto my wish list.

Superga Cotmetu Gold Plimsoll trainers

Superga Cotmetu Gold Plimsoll Trainers- £50

I live in trainers and I love a bit of gold… why don’t I already own these?? (p.s. I’m a size 5 Mr Millionaire)

Ganni long grey coat

Ganni Long Tailored Belted Coat- £315

Leading on from my very multicoloured wardrobe of dreams (me, sarcastic? Never…) I’ve been longing for a long tailored grey coat since last winter and this Ganni number is just the ticket! Pair this with my Stan Smiths and soon-to-be owned Faye bag (please Santa, I’ve been so good this year!!) and I would have my optimum winter look.

Olymos Pen E-PL7

Olympus Pen E-PL7 £499.99

Since starting my blog I have been yearning for a good quality camera. This Olympus Pen has everything I could need and more in a camera and unfortunately the price tag to match! The highlight of the Pen for me would be the wifi, which would mean being able to take great photos and posting them on Instagram within minutes- plus it looks sexy AF!


And finally Santa/ Mr Millionaire, I would love a holiday. The only requirements would be somewhere hot, with a white sand clear blue sea beach and tasty food. Two tickets for myself and my other half would be great (but not essential, I can live without him for a week if needs be!) and much needed!



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