DIY- Denim It Yourself

I was doing a bit of a wardrobe clear out and came across a pair of boyfriend jeans from New Look. I bought them maybe 3 years ago and last wore them probably two years ago! Now there’s nothing wrong with them and they still fit well, but I get easily bored with clothes. I remember wearing them a lot at the time, but have since sat at the back of my wardrobe at the bottom of the pile for quite some time.

I was just about ready to throw them into the charity shop pile, when I had a light bulb moment (ping!). If I’m getting rid of them purely because I’m bored of them, lets make them ‘un-boring’ again!


So I decided to make them a bit more on trend and interesting by adding a few strategically placed rips. It’s so crazily easy and just takes a few steps. So before you throw away those old jeans, give this a go! The worst than can happen is it goes wrong which doesn’t matter because you were going to throw them away anyway! And that my friends is my kind of logic.

To do this, all you will need is a sharpie, a pair of scissors and some eyebrow tweezers…


Step 1: Put on the jeans and using a sharpie, mark where you would like the rips to be. (I’ve done this before and just guessed where my knee went- not a good idea! It ended up a few inches lower than my actual knee and looked very strange indeed!)


Step 2: Using the scissors, cut two vertical lines into the jeans. The middle section left between the two cuts is where the frayed section will be, so it is entirely up to you how big you want this to be.

Hint- the bigger the section the more difficult step 3 will be.

Step 3: Denim is woven with the cotton running vertically and horizontally. Using tweezers, begin pulling the vertical thread from the middle section of the jeans.

If this is proving difficult, you may been to reduce the size of the section. You can do this by cutting further horizontal sections into the middle section. This won’t make any difference to the look of the rip as you are aiming to be left with horizontal threads of cotton.


This will take some time, depending on the size of the rip you are creating, but totally worth it!


Complete all of the above in the areas you want the rips, whether it is on the knee, thigh or pockets and voilà! Brand new jeans without spending a penny! (Unless for some reason you don’t own a sharpie, scissors or tweezers…)


Before and after:

IMG_2403 IMG_2409


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