A Leopard Never Changes Her Stripes

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top:ASOS skirt:TOPSHOP boots:HOBBS

photos by Sarah Nepomuceno

If you’ve read my previous blogs and/or follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed already that I don’t really ‘do’ colour. As much as I try to be adventurous and push my comfort zone to reds/ oranges/ greens/ purples, my wardrobe remains a sea of monochrome. Like most 20 something’s living in London, the majority of my money goes on rent and travel leaving me very little (if any) to spend on updating my wardrobe. Therefore when I DO purchase some new cloth, I think it’s important I get something I know I will wear, rather than something I put on in the morning with good intentions and change out of almost instantly (amma right?!).

With that in mind, knowing my style can be utterly boring to some adventurous wacky print types, I try to be fun by mixing my prints. Everybody, and I mean everybody, is loving a stripe at the moment. I mean what’s not to like?? (I think I last counted 9 striped tops and shirts and my friend had 15, however that is serious class C addiction compared to a lot of people out there!) Throwing on one of my favourites t’s from ASOS with my black washed A-line TopShop skirt, I had that Friday feeling and clashed my prints with my absolute favourite pony hair leopard print boots.

If I were asked to pull together one outfit that best described my style, I think this might be it! A-line skirts are the bomb and seriously look great on everyone. I don’t often get my legs out in the colder seasons because it takes a lot of effort to get them in working order, but I always feel great when I wear this shape. Striped tops I’ve already declared my love for, along with the rest of the world, and my leopard print boots are possibly my favourite item in my wardrobe- so add it all up and you get me! Simple (in style, not mind), cool and casual- hey! It’s nice to meet you.


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