A Day For Classics

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coat: HOBBS jumper:WHISTLES jeans:RIVER ISLAND boots: HOBBS bag: MONSOON

photos by Sarah Nepomuceno

We all have those days where we look at our wardrobe and think ‘I have nothing to wear!’. Well I had one of those days.

It’s a phrase that’s always followed by a friends reply of ‘but you have so many lovely clothes!’ and although my wardrobe isn’t filled with products from my favourite brands latest AW15 collections (Whistles, French Connection, Jaeger, Cos…) I should remember I do have some great key pieces. These items are perfect for the ‘I don’t have anything to wear days’ because they are classics.

Classic is something that is on-going- something you can’t really get sick off. Like the film Singin’ In The Rain, this is a film I could watch over and over again even though it is 63 years old (63!!!). To Kill A Mockingbird is another example that has stood the test of time and sits in the classics. Now, I’m not comparing my navy jumper to these artistic masterpieces however I hope you get my point.

Indigo jeans, navy ribbed jumper, leather black boots- all items I will wear season after season. I love how trends are constantly changing and it’s great to feel ‘fashionable’ but sometimes for me style trumps it all.

When I woke up on Friday morning feeling a little under the weather and tired from a tough week at work, I had zero inspiration and just wanted to feel comfortable. For this reason, I went straight for my faithful skinny jeans and warm ribbed navy jumper. I threw on my trusty Hobbs tartan coat and my pillarbox red bag and left the house, coffee in hand, ready to face one more day of work until the weekend. TGIF!!


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