Je m’appelle petite Bee


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shoes: TOPSHOP culottes: ZARA jumper: HOBBS jacket: TOPSHOP sunglasses: ANTHROPOLOGIE backpack: ASOS watch: CASIO

photos by sarah nepomuceno

I was told by an old school friend recently that my style is very Parisian and in this outfit I can possibly see why (minus the beret). True fashionista’s may disagree with me and to make things worse, I am ashamed to say I am yet to read ‘How to Be Parisian,Wherever You Are’, (a true staple for any fashion bloggers Instagram page) however despite all that je ne me soucie pas! (I don’t care!)

It’s that time of year where our wardrobe and our fashion hearts have no idea what they’re doing. I firmly believe there are two types of people in this world- summer people and winter people. Summer people live in sandals and love it (me), they love the style (me) and being able to leave the house without a jacket (me). Winter people love layers (not me), they get excited by wearing a coat (not me) and enjoy fresh, crisp walks in the park with their hat, scarf, gloves, jumpers, coats, thermals, uggs, two pairs of socks and a hot chocolate (not me). Therefore, it is of my opinion that both types of people in this world are currently struggling with what to wear in this October weather as much as I am!

With frost in the morning when you leave the house for your 9-5 and glorious 18 degree sunshine in the afternoon, a choice has to be made. Either freeze in the morning or boil in the afternoon. So, in this outfit, I compromised.

These denim culottes are probably one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe, a steal from Zara and in my opinion endlessly cool. For this reason, I am getting as much use out of them as I can until I have to succumb to trousers that cover my thermal leggings. The compromise to my culottes was my grey polo neck jumper- a true winter basic! Add my leather jacket (another compromise and my way of sticking up two fingers to my heavy winter coats. It’s not your time yet coats, it’s not your time.) and voila! my Parisian look. I promise for next time I will have read ‘How To Be Parisian, Wherever You Are’ and taken up smoking, drinking black coffee and bought a beret.


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