Denim like it’s 1999




double demin



    shirt: ASOS jeans: TOPSHOP bag: HOBBS shoes: ADIDAS watch:OLIVIA BURTON                              photos by Sarah Nepomuceno

Double denim isn’t something I have done since I was about 7 years old. It was during the time I was obsessed with the spice girls and anything pink. In fact, I very vividly remember going to the school disco wearing double denim with lots of sequins on the back feeling bloody awesome.

Since then, the double denim look was only reserved for the Les Battersby’s of the world- ageing rockers with receding hair or American Mom’s stuck in the 90’s. For anyone that was remotely fashion concious, it was a BIG no no.

But great news… it’s back!! And you know what, I loved it all along (I always thought Les looked cool). It’s a super easy look that takes minimal effort- just my thang. I think the main difference between now and when Britney and Justin made that infamous red carpet appearance in double denim; is separates. By that I mean, if you wear denim two, three or even four ways, make them different. Different colour, different texture, just as long as it isn’t matchy matchy- that’s were it can go seriously wrong and back into Les territory.

So that’s what I did. I got this awesome denim shirt from ASOS for dirt cheap and a size too big. I wanted that oversized feel whether I tuck it in or leave it out. I paired it with my currently favourite jeans from TopShop. It’s been a while since I tried on a new pair on jeans and not felt like a whale, and these ‘girlfriend’ jeans in washed black are just perfect for me in every way. They are mid rise, straight leg and awkward length- ideal! With my shirt tucked in, teamed with my ever faithful Stan Smiths and my new INCREDIBLE green faux fur teddy bag from Hobbs, I felt on point in this. (Sorry not sorry). I loved bringing back the 90’s vibe and feeling fresh at the same time- just as long as Bruce Jones doesn’t walk down the street with me…


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