Here goes…

Well, I had this itch you see. I’m often flicking through instagram, skipping all the celebrity posts about stuff I don’t really care about (but still want to know about- I’m not the only one right? FOMO) and looking for the latest photos from my favourite fashion bloggers. There are I few a follow but only a handful I actually get excited about. And it’s crazy right? Getting excited about strangers wearing new clothes, but I love it. I love the natural awkwardness they all have of being normal people posing for photos in front of their posh camera but at the same time looking utterly fabulous! I love the artistic ‘hand and coffee with nice watch’ photos telling me their favourite place to get a flat white. I love the occasional insight into their life with a picture of them with their mate or family member or their dog you didn’t know they had. I bloody love it all and it’s crazy. So crazy I went onto reading their blogs!

And there I found another love. Alas, more words! Mini blogs along side their photos with further insights into their lives. Pieces of writing that gives you a smidgen of their personality. Personalities that also get crazy excited about the same things I do like clothes, baking, shoes, coffee, clothes, books and clothes. So excited, they started a blog because they wanted to share it.

So here I am! This was my itch. I wanted to do it too. I wanted to be part of it and show off MY sh-mazing leopard print boots! I’m still not quite sure what I’m doing yet, but I’ll get there. Probably with a little help from my friends and their cool cameras (please please please) but I’m giving it a shot because well…why not!


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