It’s Not Your Time Winter


This week, I was back at my favourite wall and casually not looking at the camera while I was having my photo taken for this post.

After a beautiful sunny and warm September, winter has finally started making an appearance and this means jumper season. I’m a summer baby through and through and will cling onto the dregs of the season until the very end! In this outfit, I’ve tried to make a statement which says ‘I know your there Winter, but I’ll be dammed if I’m going to start wearing black tights, boots and dark jumpers just yet!!

I was lucky enough to pick up this beaut of a jumper at my work sample sale *sorry not sorry* and I’ve never had so many compliments as when I wear it! The colour is stunning (great for summer/winter transitional dressing) and has the perfect relaxed fit with the dropped shoulder and over-sized shaping. Again, determined not to leave my summer wardrobe behind just get, I threw on my H&M cropped flair jeans- a huge trend throughout summer- and ditched my usual choice of trainers with everything and donned a pair of badass heels. The heels were an awesome gift from my bestie and an incredible find in her local TK Maxx, how she finds these things in the jumble sale store I’ll never know!!

I loved this look and felt super chic and confident in it all day- definitely one I’ll be adding to my own internal lookbook!



It’s My Birthday!

This week was my birthday and I turned the ripe old age of 25. That’s a quarter of a century and not as scary as I anticipated!

Being a slight diva with a birthday in August, I took the week off work to enjoy time eating and drinking with my favourite people. Today was the last day of my holiday and I spent it enjoying Afternoon Tea with one of my besties at The Balcon London on Pall Mall.

The food was delish! The sandwiches had the good balance of classic and posh with coronation chicken, smoked salmon with cucumber (and other stuff), goats cheese with pesto and egg cress rolled into a swirl. We had three types of scones each with rose jam, clotted cream and lemon curd and to really make us explode, four Parisian pastries. To wash it all down, we opted for a signature champagne cocktail…. it was my birthday after all!

image4 (4)image2 (3)image1 (6)image4 (3)image3 (3)image5 (2)

My favourite part of the afternoon and as if we hadn’t had enough food (there may have been extra sandwiches provided…) the waiters heard it was my birthday and came over with a birthday cake plate and the live harpist serenaded me with Happy Birthday. Of course the whole room looked at me and applauded which made me extremely red in the face and slightly sweaty. Regardless it was very sweet and a lovely surprise!

image3 (2)

For a swanky Afternoon Tea in the big smoke, I chose to wear my favourite and under-worn vintage style spot dress. To vamp it up I threw on my leather jacket, my new TopShop heels (which I love!) and added a pop of red lip.

Today was one of those days I felt very special and I ended the week feeling extremely lucky to have some very beautiful people in my life.


image5 (4)image1 (4)image2 (2)

Am I Old Now?

wedding 1

wedding 2

DRESS: H&M  SHOES: Topshop  BAG: market buy

wedding 4wedding 3

As we speak, I’m sat watching the Gilmore Girls on Netflix, feeling tired, hungover and the size of the house after consuming way too much cheese… which must mean I’ve had a pretty awesome weekend!

Yesterday myself and my Mr, Dan, attended the wedding of our friends. A couple I am extremely lucky to have met through my boyfriend (one half of the best man duo) and honestly two of the nicest, kindest people I know. The weather couldn’t have been better (although slightly too hot at times, I was in serious underboob sweat territory for a while) the venue was beautiful, the food friggin’ incredible and the company seriously seriously awesome- it was the perfect day.

As I get older, weddings seem to be happening with more frequency. I am starting to ask myself if I am now officially old and by that I mean one of those people I would look up to at 13 and think “wow, they’re so grown up!”. When I think about it, I guess I am… but honestly, I’m faking it. I do not have a clue how to ‘adult’ or what this even means-I call me sister asking for life advise why more than I care to admit! If anyone has nailed it with full understanding by their mid twenties, then kudos because I am making it up as I go along! I would like to think everyone is making it up too, including the people that just totally seem to have it all together.

But anyway, I also wanted to share with you some pictures of the beautiful dress I wore yesterday and I threw one in of me and Dan too. I was super excited to wear this outfit, a nifty little find from H&M. Perhaps not quite so nifty because it came from their premium range and cost £80, but I honestly felt like a million pounds in it and who can put a price on that?? I am a casual girl through and through and often find it way too stressful when I need to get dolled up and jeans aren’t an acceptable item of clothing. The dress did all the hard work for me, which meant I was able to pair it with some simple low heel shoes from Topshop and kept to my safe and reliable hair and makeup routine.

That’s the last of the weddings this summer now, giving me both the time to stop panicking about getting old and a break from wedding guest outfit stress! Both of which I intend to conquer eventually.


COS Copy



SHIRT: Zara  Jeans: ZARA  Shoes: NEXT

I love the brand COS. It nails the modern, oversized key pieces with a twist and has a pretty statement look. However, unfortunately my bank account does not love COS. I would completely agree that the clothes are quality and worth the price tag, but I do have to stop and consider when wanting to buy a t-shirt for £40…

However, in this outfit I think I’ve found the perfect COS copy and at a fraction of a price! Both top and jeans are from Zara (good old Zara- terrible staff but great clothes) and shoes from, would you believe, Next!

This shirt was one of my recent sale purchases and has some features I would normally associate with COS. A cute smock shape with fixed collar, ruffle sleeves, dropped shoulders and crisp blue cotton- totally COS right?? Paired with my Zara jeans from last season and my new platform sandals lace up from Next, I think I’ve pulled together a fairly passable COS copy.

Shot From The Street Appreciation Society



Sunglasses: RayBan  Jacket: ASOS  Shirt: Hobbs  Jeans: Forevery 21 (ribs by me!)  Shoes: Birkenstock

Lately I been feeling like time is flying and at the end of each week I’m terrified how quickly the days are running away from me. There’s been a combination of reasons resulting in my blog posts happening not as often as I would like! I’m hoping this is going to change very soon and I will be back to 1 a week-however I have been making time for my insta page and checking out other bloggers as often as possible.

I started blogging because I love wading through others so much and I wanted to join in the fun! I still get excited when I find new bloggers online that I connect with, who are either just starting like me or well established in the industry- SUCH as my new absolute girl crush and current favourite blogger Lizzie Hadfield. Lizzie’s blog Shot From The Street is my go-to at the moment and my outfit here is totally inspired by her.

The style and blog is everything I am aiming for mine to be- she comes across totally cool in both personality and style. The basis behind starting my blog Basically Little Bee was to show my basic key items that I wear daily and how I mould them to fit my daily life and current fashion trends. I totally love fashion, but I do think it’s wrong to spend so much money on fad trends which will eventually be outdated. I totally believe in following trends but using your key wardrobe pieces and elevating them with fashion-forward items. This is what I think Lizzie does and boy does she nail it! If you haven’t come across her yet (which you might have because she has a HUGE following) you totally totally should!



Pyjama days with Zara


Well, I don’t think it is any lie that I have been well a truly shit at updating my blog recently. Life has got in the way and somehow I have not managed to find the time to sit and compose a post. There’s been birthdays (not mine sadly), events, day trips to the seaside, Game of Thrones…. plus weekends away and a driving test, all distracting me from sitting with my laptop and blogging. (P.s. I totes passed!! beepbeep).

But, here I am, back at it and sharing long overdue pictures from a little shoot I did with my girl Vicky. While we are all currently experiencing a May heat wave, we shot this a few weeks ago when it was still in that in-between stage of not-quite-summer-but-so-over-winter. So with that in mind, I took my new Zara Palazzo trousers which you can find here and for only £19.99 and matched it with a high neck knit, something I saw Alice Barbier do recently on her ASOS page and loved (slash stole).

These trousers are fab and basically feel like you’re wearing pyjamas without anyone judging you! I mean, that’s the dream, right?!  For twenty quid, they are an absolute deal and will take me right through summer. Here I’m wearing them with a jumper and stans, but I can’t wait to throw them on with a cropped T and some sandals. To add a bit of interest I moved away from my usual gold hoops and put on my Pat Butcher style statement earrings- they way a ton and I couldn’t cope with wearing them all the time but they do make a special appearance every so often when the mood takes me! Add a simple clutch and pink lip and I was ready for the day!

Hopefully you won’t be waiting too long till my next blog. I’ve got some exciting collaborations coming up which I can’t wait to share!!

Until next time,


My ASOS Wishlist

I’m going through one of phases- a phase where I want ALL THE CLOTHES. It’s quite difficult turning your hand to fashion blogging, because I look at clothes all day everyday meaning my desire for more and more clothes to fill my wardrobe has increased somewhat. But alas I have more pressing things to spend my hard earned money on- boring things like bills and rent *yawn* and not so boring things like flights to San Francisco baby! (To be continued…)

So instead of going crazy on the credit card, I thought I would create my first ASOS wishlist of this year instead.

Nike Cortez

Product code: 758354

These Nike Cortez trainers are at the top of my wish list for a reason- they are tipped to be the next ‘Stan Smiths’ and just look so bloody cool. If you had told me a year ago I would be crushing on these this hard, I would have LOLed- but hey, people change!


Pink bomber

Product code: 754949

I first lay my eyes of this bad ass bomber last year when ASOS Alice wore it for her blog. It was out of stock then and since being back in stock this month, it sold out again within days- so I guess I’m not the only one lusting over it!

ASOS White stripe organza trapeze dress

Product code: 826133

I can just see it now: it’s a sunny Sunday afternoon, I’m sat in a beer garden along the Thames with a glass of prosecco in hand and I’m full from all the bruschetta and ice cream I’ve eaten. This dream dress is SUMMER and I love it, like I want to get married and have babies love it.

ASOS white wide leg culottes

Product code: 797815

Blush pink is the colour of the season and I’ve fallen head over heels for it- and I don’t have nearly enough of it in my possession! These ASOS White beauties have a great tailored fit and would be a perfect worn to the office.


Product code: 135993

Well this is just the cutest and a girl can never have enough stripes!


Product code: 473417

I can see a bit of a theme appearing here, but who can blame me with jumpsuits like this! Perfect colour, perfect length… another must for this summer (which needs to hurry up- amma right?!)


Product code: 855194

For those of you that have read my blog before, you’ll know that I absolutely live in my Ray-Ban sunglasses. So another pair would most definitely go down well with me! These beautiful white Clubmaster Round Ray-Ban’s would also go well with my new ASOS wish list wardrobe…

Satin Blouse

Product Code: 844691

Final one, I promise. The pyjama blouse trend has caught my eye recently and it’s now moving from high-end to highstreet. This corker is stunning and I can see it looking great with jeans for a day to night piece! (I’m already building the outfit in my head…)


So there you have it, my ASOS wish list! If any of my friends or family are reading this, please don’t look at this a go “oh that’s great, I might buy it for myself” because seriously, I will be insanely jealous and probably won’t be able to talk to you for at least a week (kidding not kidding).

Peace out,


Palladium are making a come back!

image2image1image4 (1)image2 (1)image1 (3)image1 (2)image3 (1)image4 (2)image5 (1)

image1 (1)

But did they ever really leave…? Not really!

Like most people my age, I had a pair of Palladium Boots when I was a child. They were big in the early 90’s with all the ‘cool kids’ wearing them- my friend said she even had a heeled pair! Dope or what?

They’ve been quiet over the past few years, however recently we’ve seen the likes of Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, David Beckham, Kylie Jenner, Eliza Dolittle and FKA Twigs recently stepping out in a pair of Palladium boots- all of them knowing a thing or two about style.

I was beyond excited when I received my Pampa Oxford LP Originals! Having such skinny ankles (as you can see in the photos!) I had to pick a shoe that wouldn’t look too heavy or clumpy on me, which is why I went for this style. Plus with soft pink kicks being top of the fashion trends this season, I combined the two to make my perfect shoe. It was a tough choice however, there is such a vast amount of styles available on the website it was a difficult choice! Since wearing them, I can also tell you they are incredibly comfortable…

It’s very rare I can wear a shoe around London for the day for the first time and not experience a blister or two. However these were a bloody dream! They are a hard wearing shoe with all styles designed for the urban traveller, meaning they don’t skimp on quality and durability. Essentially they are worth every penny.

They are a big thumbs up from me and a perfect addition to a casual Friday spring outfit- plus if SJP is wearing them, that’s good enough for me!!


In Bruges (and Brussels)

To document my weekend away in Belgium, I thought I would ditch the photos and take mini videos instead!

It was a beautiful weekend visiting some of my favourite people. Saturday was a loooong day with Dan and I waking up at 4:30am to get the Eurostar and not resting our heads until 2am that evening…. I have a sneaky inkling the sugar from all the chocolate I ate helped there! But rather than tell you more of what we got up to, check out my first vlog instead- eek!


I hope you like it! (And don’t judge the dodgy editing)



They Call Her Anna


Did anyone else make the most of the weather this weekend?? I certainly did and headed straight to the park on Sunday to enjoy a bottle of fizz with my girl Vicky.

To celebrate the return of the sunshine and promises of ever warmer climates, we picked only the best- a bottle of Anna de Codorniu Brut. Codorniu is a brand I have always associated with luxury and great taste at a great price. It is up there with my favourite drinks of all time and I am partial to a glass or two on a night out *hic*.

After a little research, I have since learnt that the Codorniu family created their first bottle of sparkling wine in 1872 and invented what we know today as Cava… should someone give them a Knighthood?! After all these years, you would expect these people to know a thing or two about making a great bottle of sparkling wine, and boy do they. As a well established Cava drinker myself, I can appreciate the fresh/crisp favours with each sip, making it a perfect accompaniment to a fresh/crisp day in the March sun… or any time of year for that matter.

You can pick yourself up a bottle online here or equally find it in most off-licences. It’s an easy drink which tastes great and looks chic making it an ideal gift for friends/family or just yourself as a congratulations for getting though a Tuesday. Enjoy!